ZArchiver iOS Download Free For iPhone and iPad 2024

Zarchiver iOS apk is the files managing app for iPhones and iPads. It is the finest file archiver which has multiple features for a large number of tasks. This app has properties for managing documents electronically and a massive community of viewers. There are no hard and fast rules for managing the files in ZArchiver iOS, and you can easily handle all the tasks. When you archive files, your device storage is automatic, and you can create folders for specific files for easy access. You can directly share these files from mobile media to the app and lock files with a password. You can easily drag and drop files from different folders and save them in any files sizes.

Zarchiver apk IOS


Zarchiver pro apk for ios is famous for its features worldwide because it offers to create a proper management system of documents in compressed and archived files. You can even unzip documents when you need one of the specific documents. If you are a student or work in any organization, you can create separate folders and keep notes or documents in one zip file. Some of the features of ZArchiver iOS are discussed below:

  • Compress the size of the files in different formats to decrease the size of files without any changes in the documents.
  • When you require any file, then decompress those folders in various forms.
  • You can extract any file from the folders.
  • Zarchiver iOS supports a multi-core processor, which primarily aims to handle your work.
  • You can zip and unzip files with more editable features.
  • You can manage many files without any hurdles of crashing or rooting.


ZArchiver iOS has many characteristics that make it more valuable for its users, but when some want specific versions for their devices. You can complete the process in the app without moving to any other app for compressing or unzipping files. You can edit your files with this app, making it more interesting for its users.

App Zarchiver IOS
Developer Axita Ghevariya
Genre Tools
Downloads 10M+
Size 15.8 MB
Updated 2 Days Ago
Requires Android App store
Rating 3.0

zarchiver for ios

FOR IOS 2015

If you are using Zarchiver iOS 2015 version and want to continue using this version, then it is yet possible. The 2015 version of ZArchiver iOS is one of the top-rated versions of this application, and most of the users still in 2023 want to use the 2015 version, so you can download it from any apk site and work in your style.


If you want Zarchiver iOS Install in your system for managing your documents on your device, then follow the steps;

  1. Download the Zarchiver iOS from the website
  2. When downloading is complete, click on Install
  3. After installing, open it in the folder 
  4. Start using an app, and if you find any error, repeat the process


ZArchiver iOS Profile is free and loaded with many office work features. Anyone who wants Zarchiver iOS Profile Download can download it from a third-party APK website. You can edit your profile with this app. This app helps you to manage all the files in one place, and there is no need for an internet connection. You can keep working in offline mode.


If you want a ZArchiver iOS account with all unlocked premium features, VIP, and a Pro account, Zarchiver iOS Hack is the right choice. There is no need to move from one site to another for a crack or hack version, so you have to download this app from the download button in the article and get access to all desired features. You can also add or remove anything you want with this hacked account.


The Interface of ZArchiver iOS is very convincing for its users to do management of documents in simple terms. It is effortless for anyone to use this app, and the following instructions are discussed below;

  • Open the app after installation and allow permission to Zarchiver iOS to your mobile media.
  • All files appear in the app in the proper list. 
  • If you want to compress files, select files and format, which will be saved in the app.
  • You can view your files there and read documents with them.
  • Zip files in a folder by drag and drop method and easily edit the file’s name.

Is Zarchiver iOS available on the App Store?

If you want to use any zip app on iPhones and iPads, then there is iZip available, but ZArchiver iOS App Store is open on the apple store. You can download this app directly from there. 


What is the use of passwords for ZArchiver IOS?

You can create a password for file protection. It’s suitable for safe and secure your files.

Should we have to pay for zarchiver IOS?

No, anyone can use it freely without paying a single penny.


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