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App Zarchiver Apk
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Version 1.0.9
Updated 15 Jan, 2024
Requires Android Varies with device
Rating 4.6

ZArchiver Pro is a unique archive explicitly designed to house files within cell phones. Together, there is the capacity to secure and modify these data for various objectives. The Premium edition of this app also includes extra security and eye protection features. You can trust this application to keep your files. As a result, it does not even require an internet connection. It simplifies document sharing and transfer. It would be best to have a strong network connection to download and unzip files.

ZArchiver Pro


The modified version of Zarchiver pro is called the Zarchiver pro mod apk. Zarchiver Pro is the premium version of the most incredible Android zip management tool available for free. You have undoubtedly heard of the ZArchiver app. This well-known app can be used to make archives and to finish filling up several files and folders. You might now learn about the similar ZArchiver app’s commercial version today. It is available for purchase as the Donate app. Many features of the ZArchiver app are not available in the free edition. You might begin using the ZArchiver Pro app if you have already tried the free version and wish to learn more about its additional capabilities.


This application not only provides additional decompression techniques for large files, but it also stores data regularly. The reason for this is that cell phones need more storage space. The phone’s performance will suffer if too many large files are in the allocated space. We can only download a few more apps because of the need for more space. As a result, these files can be decompressed to a manageable size. Suitable for ordered storage without overloading the system.


  • The application enables the creation of several archive file formats.
  • ZArchiver Pro supports a variety of file formats that you can decompress.
  • viewing the contents of archives
  • Build and use the app securely because ZArchiver Pro has a password protection option. As a result, the application protects your privacy.
  • Another application for this tool is making multi-part archives.
  • Decompression of an archive file in portion
  • See the compressed files by opening them.
  • With the app, open archive files directly. Similar to how you would open the file straight from the mail app.
  • Even split archive extraction is possible.zarchiver interface


The most recent ZArchiver Pro Apk is compatible with all Android devices. You can download it free without any subscription. Download zarchiver pro mod apk for free and compress and decompress your files without worry. Install it by enabling installation from unknown sources on your device before continuing.


Zarchiver pro apk is for all Android users; they must use it for their file management work. You can use it for zarchiver pro apk for android 11 and all its features.


Zarchiver pro apk latest version has many advanced features which are very beneficial for users.

  • Full multithreading support.
  • Open a file to begin extracting it without using the multi-thread function, which means you can only extract one file at a time.
  • File encoding is supported in UTF-8 and UTF-16.


Some outstanding features are given below;

  • For multi-core mobile chipsets, the ZArchiver Pro application can be helpful because the application supports multithreading. 
  • UTF-8 and UTF-16 support file names because users can use national symbols in file names.
  • Users do not want the multi-selective mode to be enabled. You can completely compress or decompress files or zip unzip your file with just one icon.


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