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Zarchiver Donate is an application that works for archiving Files, compressing large size files, and moving data anywhere. You can also share the compressed file through different sites. Some sites are restricted to other file formats, so you can easily change the file format for that site. You can also change the file names and create a folder of archive Files and passwords for the protection of documents are all included in the features of ZArchiver Donate. Some users have the bulk of files, or sometimes they need an old file, but because of unmanageable documents, they didn’t find documents at that time; when you download ZArchiver Donate free, you are free of any tension. You can create folders for specific files and archive those not used routinely, but you can find those files anytime easily when needed.

ZArchiver donate


When you download ZArchiver for managing your data, you don’t need to give any specific tasks; allow the app to access your mobile internal disk, and all the documents appear on the files site. When you click on the “bin,” the complete list of documents is appropriately arranged, and then you can add files in Archive folders or compress large-size files. Many features attracted you to this application for your document management.

Protect Your documents with unique methods, and you can easily find your documents in the folder.

If you find any file, open the view of options and check that file. if you keep this file in that folder, then save it; otherwise, you can send it to another folder.

  • Rename files or folders for your help.
  • Delete those files which are not needed anymore.
  • Complete the secure app, and no third party can access your documents.


One of the most exciting things about the Zarchiver Donate version is that it contains extra features, but the Zarchiver Donate Mod Apk version is free from any charges. You can enjoy all document modifications for free and share them with anyone through different sources. In this version, protecting documents is a unique method by which you can add a passcode, but it differs from a lock screen password. You can change the theme of the app anytime because there are two dark & light modes.

App ZArchiver Donate
Developer ZDevs
Genre Tools
Downloads 50k+
Updated 2 Days Ago
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Rating 4.2


In Zarchiver Blue, the theme of the app is blue, and all the icons are blue. It is more interesting than any other software because it has all Versions of Pro Mod Apk plus a blue app full of valuable aspects. You can change the app’s theme without changes in your device’s settings. Zarchiver Donate Blue Apk secured all the information and files because there is no need to connect the app to the device’s internal settings.


Zarchiver Donate has unique properties, but when you find any pro version of applications, it is loaded with extra features for more tasks. You can set all the application settings options in your style and save your history with a backup plan. You can arrange all your documents files in respective manners, like changing the names of the folders with date and time. Add some files in Archive folders for quick access and compress most of the files to make more space for files.

user interface of zarchiver


ZDev develops Zarchiver Donate apk 2024 and provides their users with a new, modified latest version containing additional properties. This version works on every device with a more pro version. You can save the image files and compress the image based files. You can also convert that file into any other without changes in the quality of the video.


Most versions of zarchiver already have properties to save your documents with different tools. But in 2024, Zarchiver Donate has special tools for editing and changing the records. You won’t need to do extra things to change files because, in this app, many devices are available, like changing the file format or collecting different files in the zip folder.


  • If you want to download Zarchiver donate mod apk on any device, follow the easy instructions.
  • Browser the name of the file name and click on apk file
  • Click the download button, and the folder appears on the home screen.
  • Install the app and then open it. 
  • Allow app for media interaction with mobile internal storage.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • You can easily view archive content and edit content.
  • Create and unzip different archives easily.
  • A most important feature is that you can partially decompress the files.
  • ZArchiver will provide you with both a bright and a dark theme.
  • It includes password management.
  • The archive contains an image preview.
  • Version without advertisements
  • We can make changes to the files in the archive.


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