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ZArchiver For PC is an application that can handle many files, particularly on a Computer. If you have to deal with file management, this app is for you. When you have many files, you could have to compress and decompress the folders occasionally. Likewise, if you want to recover your desired data, ZArchiver For PC can help. You can retrieve any file from the same phone or laptop and recover it in any system. You might retrieve the data. The app’s password security keeps your data safe.

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I must declare that only the application can accomplish some of these duties. Files are compressed, decompressed, recovered, archived, and password-protected with the ZArchiver For PC application. You can use it must for a better experience and file management; without a doubt, it is the best file managing application. Most Android, Windows, and Mac devices are compatible with ZArchiver For PC. Some of the features of your preferred file management tool for PC are as follows.


  1. Zarchiver is helpful for multiprocessors since it supports multi-threading. File selection is simple; click the file name icon to pick files. Multi-select mode is unnecessary. 
  2. It supports UTF-8 and UTF-16 encodings. You can name your data with a national symbol. 
  3. For all Android handsets, it is accessible for download and installation. 
  4. You can establish a password for files and folders to safeguard their safety and privacy.
  5. It supports all encryption algorithms for this purpose, including AES-256.
  6. Other alternatives are accessible, including copy, cut, share, and delete.
  7. The user can also select the compressions. Generally, they are fastest, fast, medium, and extreme.
  8. The user can gain advanced knowledge of file management. A newcomer would be able to manage any circumstance using the ZArchiver For PC app as well.
  9. Your whole data set would be protected. Don’t be concerned about misplacement or any other action.
  10. Several functions are available with root access. As a result, if the user wishes to experience them all, the device must be rooted.
  11. There is no limit to the number of archives that you can make.


Nowadays, the majority of apps are created just for the mobile platform. Games and applications such as PUBG, Subway Surfers, Beauty Plus, and others are exclusively accessible for the Android and iOS platforms. But we can use Android emulators to run each app on a Computer.

Even though ZArchiver’s official version for Windows is unavailable, you can continue utilizing it by using applications. This article introduces you to the Android emulator for using ZArchiver on PC.

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Bluestacks is a well-liked emulator for using Android apps on a Windows PC. Bluestacks application is also available on Mac OS. This way, we will use Bluestacks to Download and Install ZArchiver for PC Windows 10/11/7 Laptops. Let’s get started with our step-by-step installation tutorial.

Step 1: Click the link below to download Bluestacks 5 on your PC.

Step 2: The installation process is simple. When Bluestacks has been successfully installed, open it.

Step 3: The Bluestacks software will take some time to load. After it has been started, you should be able to see Bluestacks’ home screen.

Step 4: Google Play is now installed on Bluestacks. On the home screen, double-click the Playstore icon to open it.

Step 5: Find the application you want to install on your Computer. In our context, searching for ZArchiver to install on the Computer.

Step 6: Once you select the Install button, Bluestacks will start installing ZArchiver. The app is listed among the installed applications in Bluestacks.

ZArchiver PC App


ZArchiver is an app that allows you to handle any compressed files on your Android device. Whether you want to check the contents of a compressed document or build a compressed file from many files on your SD card, ZArchiver will handle it all in a couple of seconds.


The first step is to find the files you wish to compress. Then, click the three dots, choose “Create ZIP,” and input the name and path of the new file. After selecting the file type and name, press OK. You may also select several files to compress. After you finish, you’ll get a message indicating the archive was successfully generated. The archive will subsequently appear in the directory you specified.

To extract a single file from a ZIP file, download ZArchiver on your device. It supports all popular file formats, including zip, bzip2, and gzip. To extract a single file, pick it and press the green extract button. Once the file has been extracted, you can choose where to save it. If required, you can then remove it.


Tap on the file and choose “view” or “extract” to examine the contents of a compressed archive. After that, decide where to save the extracted files. Next, press and hold the green “Extract” button. Instead, you can extract a single file using the “Extract” button. The file is now ready to be saved to a designated place.


ZArchiver is an archive management application. It offers a straightforward and practical user interface. Because the app does not have internet connectivity, it cannot communicate data to other services or people.



  • Bug corrections
  • Resolved preview problem
  • Cleared temporary folder when departing through the menu
  • Direct file opening from archives (open file to device memory without unpacking, if allowed)
  • The color of folders be changed


ARC Welder is the best choice to install ZArchiver without using an emulator. You can run any Android app with the ARC Welder extension. Through the Chrome Web Store, you can get this extension.

An alternative to using the same procedure to install this app is the Nox player. You must upgrade your Windows framework if you cannot run the emulator on a computer. You can also update every driver.

Please get in touch with me if the problem remains.


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