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App ZArchiver Donate
Developer ZDevs
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The mobile application Zarchiver Donate enables users to extract and reduce any archive file. This app is straightforward to use. You are undoubtedly aware of the ZArchiver software. The Donate app’s Premium version is mainly used for file management. Similarly to that, the ZArchiver Donation serves a similar function. Even a well-known file manager uses it. The same group that developed the ZArchiver also created this app. Still, we can refer to this as the premium app. Even so, this app is incredibly flexible. An app called ZArchiver Donate provides various features without charging a single penny to users.

ZArchiver donate

App ZArchiver Donate
Developer ZDevs
Genre Tools
Downloads 50k+
Version 1.0.7 armeabi v7a
Updated 2 Days Ago
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Rating 4.2


The modified version of the Zarchiver donate app is Mod Zarchiver donate apk. In this, there are most latest features, and many others options are modified. Original versions cost money, although the modified versions are available for free. You can download ZArchiver Donate in its original or modified form. The most excellent mod downloader for 100% functional modifications is Apksuccess.


ZArchiver is a simple application for archiving files. It only comes in the Pro version and offers a basic and functional user interface. All Pro edition features are bright and Dark themes, password storing, previews photographs in the archive, and modified files. ZArchiver enables users to do the following: build and decompress 7z, zip, rar, and arj archives, etc. 

zipx, mtz, chm, examine archive contents in pictures (fat, NTFS, ubf), modify archives (add/remove files from apk archives). You can Create and decompress multi-part archives, partially extract archives, open compressed files from email apps, open archive files from email applications, and extract split archives such as 7z, zip, and rar. You can open files of greater size. With permissions, ZArchiver grants complete access to its system and app data.


The latest version of ZArchiver – File Manager includes special extra functions for working with archived files. The project not only allows you to interact with anything on the device fast, but it also allows you to carry out your ideas with archived pieces without any barriers. Both are well-known and extraordinary, used in specialist applications. It is also possible to read the material without requiring a complete cycle of operations, among many more features; that’s why users will maintain interest when faced with Packed data regularly.

user interface of zarchiver


It is a modified application that includes all of the pro features, such as password storage, picture preview in the archive, file editing, theme management, etc. All of these capabilities are exclusively available to Android users. It also provides a relatively easy interface for compressing files and folders to minimize size and quickly decompress archive files. Because the UI resembles a file manager, even inexperienced users can readily understand and use it for free.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • You can easily view archive content and edit content.
  • Create and unzip different archives easily.
  • A most important feature is that you can partially decompress the files.
  • ZArchiver will provide you with both a bright and a dark theme.
  • It includes password management.
  • The archive contains an image preview.
  • Version without advertisements
  • We can make changes to the files in the archive.


  • You must first download the ZArchiver Donate APK file.
  • Next, click on the file on your Android phone to install it.
  • Install the file until it is finished. (Ensure that unknown sources are allowed.)
  • Completed! Use the application to begin compressing and decompressing your files.


ZArchiver Donate is a particular version of ZArchiver that allows you to donate to a project. There are many advantages of the pro version of Blue Zarchiver pro mod apk, like;

  • Light and dark themes  
  • Password protection
  • Picture preview in the archive
  • Archive file editing

You can easily compress or decompress the files. In this version, the features are outstanding and incredible.


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